How new Google Trends features can make your business smarter

Google added more search options to Google Trends this week. Here's how companies can use the new analytics features to boost their game.

Google added four new ways companies can find out what people are searching for in real-time, the tech giant announced in a blog post on Monday.

In addition to seeing what is trending via web searches, Google Trends users can see what is being viewed in news, shopping, images, and YouTube specifically, according to the post.

The data can be viewed through the new lenses in the same way someone would use Trends to check popular web searches. After typing in a search term in the Trends search box, a dropdown menu will pop up underneath that initially says "web search." Click there to select the lens you want to see a trend for.

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The lenses show top related topics to the search query, helping users see what might be driving YouTube traffic. In Google's example, searching for Taylor Swift through the YouTube lens showed most people were looking at her performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, because top related topics were Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show.

Like the normal web search feature on Trends, the lenses can be further sorted by location and time.

Whether a business simply wants to know if people are searching for them, or if they use analytics regularly in their organization, being able to be more specific about traffic may help make smarter decisions. As each search feature shows a different facet of a business, knowing each angle can help in determining what content to promote or what related video may be driving traffic.

Trends also allows comparison between two searches, so business could compare their web traffic to a competitor's, or compare two spellings of a buzzword or phrase.

Many companies use Google Trends for directional research into keyword phrases, and more specific information should be useful, according to Forrester analyst Collin Colburn.

"There have been lots of questions related to keyword search volume on YouTube for some time, so this will alleviate that, and for retailers and CPG companies, this will add a layer of granularity to shopping traffic and their path to finding an item," Colburn said.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Google launched four new lenses to view Google Trends through, enabling users to see trends specifically for News, Images, YouTube, and Shopping.
  2. Users can access the new features in a drop-down menu underneath the search box in Trends. Results are able to be sorted by location and time, much like normal Trends searches.
  3. Regardless of how reliant a business is on social analytics, the new Trends options allow any company to easily see if people are searching for their business, along with where they're searching and any related topics.

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