These 5 countries produced nearly all the top communication tech of the last few years

OECD recently released its Science, Technology, and Industry Scoreboard, detailing how countries rank in adopting tech like AI and more.

From 2012-2015, China, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Japan, and the US developed 70-100% of the top 20 cutting-edge information and communications technology (ICT) products, according to the OECD Science, Technology, and Industry Scoreboard for 2017.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is focused on economic development, claiming 35 member countries and headquartered in Paris. Its report aims to address the impact of digital transformation on leading economies.

While the abovementioned five countries were responsible for the majority of the cutting-edge ICT products, Japan and Korea were responsible for innovation across all of the ICT technologies.

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Artificial intelligence was also addressed in the report. Patents for AI increased at a rate of 6% yearly between 2010 and 2015, or double that of the average latent growth rate, the report found. Some 18,000 AI patents were filed in 2015, with Japan, Korea, and the US responsible for more than 62% of those.

It's also important to note that out of all the patents filed, only 4-15% were from female inventors.

In terms of cited scientific research, the US leads with 25%, followed by China with 14%, the report found. These two countries are also the leaders in machine learning research, with the US taking the no. 1 spot and China coming in second place. In terms of this research, only 22% of the scientific authors were women.

Digital transformation, in general, is leading to economic growth, but not in the way that one might expect. The global demand for ICT products is pushing value in non-ICT industries, the report said. One example of this would be how the demand for smartphones had led to a growth in glass production for their screens. That ICT demand led to 19-34% of overall value added to the rest of the economy, the report found.

The new technologies being leveraged in digital transformation require new skills. However, the report found, workers must marry their ICT skills with management and communication skills to make the biggest impact.

Connectivity is also increasing, with many OECD countries claiming that 100% of their individuals are connected. The trends of online access getting cheaper and digital natives maturing into adulthood will help lessen the gap between the less connected individuals in other countries. In OECD countries, for example, 17% of students first accessed the internet before they were six years old, and the number of outlier older and younger generations accessing the internet continues to grow.

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  • 70-100% of the top 20 information and communications technology (ICT) products in 2012-2015 were created by five countries: Korea, Japan, China, Taipei, and the US. - OECD, 2017
  • 18,000 AI patents were filed in 2015, with Japan, Korea, and the US responsible for more than 62% of those. - OECD, 2017
  • 17% of OECD students first accessed the internet before they were six years old. - OECD, 2017

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