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Workspace-as-a-Service: Watch for Jabbrrbox booths in public spaces

To be placed in public places like airports and transit hubs, the booths will give business travelers a private, Wi-Fi connected spot to get work done.

Jabbrrbox will be rolling out a line of private work booths designed for the mobile workforce, the company announced at LA CoMotion Wednesday.

The booths are single-person enclosed work pods, allowing the user to connect and work in a private setting in a public place. Dubbed an Internet of Things (IoT) device by the company, the booths will be equipped for video conferencing and private calls, according to a press release.

Each booth has its own secure Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth connectivity, speakers, and a camera. Workers will also be able to track their flight from inside the booth, if needed.

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After reserving a box, a user will receive passwords for the door and Wi-Fi. Upon entering, they can spend 30-minute increments in the booth, according to the release.

Designed for privacy in public places, the pods will be found in places like airports and transit stations. Business leaders in those spots will be able to find a quiet area to focus and work in an often loud area.

Being able to work during travel delays, like layovers, will help business leaders better utilize their time and become more efficient. By having a spot already equipped for video conferencing, they may also miss fewer meetings due to travel.

Jabbrrbox also plans to bring the workspaces to semi-public places, according to the release. Remote workers that work in a cafe or coffee shop may be able to easily access one of the booths to make a call or cut down on background noise.

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"In every aspect of modern life, we can see a trend toward mobility, notably in the increased presence of laptops, tablets, and smartphones in the public sphere. But supply has not kept up with demand: workplace flexibility does not account for the background noise that comes along with conference calls on the street, or those long layovers between flights," Jabbrrbox president Jeremy Jennings said in the release.

This isn't the first workspace option the New York-based startup has launched. In June, they started with Jabbrrbox One and Jabbrrbox Two, similar private pods meant to solve privacy concerns in open office plans.

The company didn't announce a release timeline or any official potential locations for the booths.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Jabbrrbox will be bringing their enclosed private workbooths to public places, like airports and train stations.
  2. The booths, complete with personal Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and video, can give business travelers a private spot to focus on work or do a video chat.
  3. The company said the booths will also head to semi-public locations, meaning conference attendees may be able to use a booth to make a quick call at the venue or remote workers can use one to drown out a coffee shop's noise.

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