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  • The Total Economic Impact Of Cisco Catalyst Access

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Cisco

    Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Cisco Catalyst Access Switches. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Cisco Catalyst Access Switching on their ...

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  • Boost Innovation With Video Communications: 8 Ways to Build Your Business Advantage

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Cisco

    Since most communication is non-verbal, video collaboration fills a huge gap that has long existed within organizations. The availability of relatively low-cost technology including high-quality videoconferencing equipment, high-bandwidth networks and easy-to-use applications and tools is bringing video collaboration within reach of today’s workforce.Forbes Insights, in association with Cisco, explores how ...

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  • Top 5 Trends That are Transforming Customer Service

    White Papers // May 2015 // provided by Cisco

    These days, customer service is far more than a simple phone call. Today’s customers want to be taken care of at any time, in any location, on any device. Yesterday’s solutions aren’t enough. Here are five important trends to keep up with in customer service.

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  • 5 Ways Cisco is Transforming Video

    White Papers // May 2015 // provided by Cisco

    Video conferencing is becoming the tool for collaboration. It’s being adopted quickly, and the demand for affordable, easy-to-use video endpoints is ramping up for every desk, every team room, and every home office. Download this white paper to learn how Cisco is trasforming the way organizations collaborate.

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  • White Paper: Don’t Get Left Behind - The Business Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Cisco

    Cloud adoption is an expanding part of IT organizations’ strategies, and IT architects are growing more sophisticated in how they think about cloud; however, as of early 2015, relatively few organizations have truly advanced levels of cloud maturity. This study will examine profiled companies behaviour towards the use of ...

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  • Workplaces That Work Ebook

    Ebooks // Mar 2016 // provided by Cisco

    Offices aren’t productivity factories anymore—they’re collaboration centers where individuals and groups can develop their best ideas. That means building out an office takes a whole new approach, and it isn’t just about using aesthetics and shiny toys to attract top talent (although that is part of it). Successful offices are ...

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  • County of Honolulu Improves Responsiveness to Citizens

    Case Studies // Jan 2016 // provided by Cisco

    The City and County of Honolulu is the 13th-largest municipality in the United States and it covers the entire island of Oahu, Hawaii. Their challenges are to upgrade infrastructure to meet current needs, improve communications for employees and improve citizen convenience and responsiveness. They chose Cisco to overcome these challenges. ...

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  • Accelerating Business in a Competitive Cloud Market

    Case Studies // Dec 2015 // provided by Cisco

    Cedacri is a leading IT services provider that specializes in the financial industry in Italy. Their challenges are to deliver virtual networking and network services on demand, provide zero-trust security and centralize policy management and empower customers to self-manage IT infrastructure. They chose Cisco to overcome these challenges. They have ...

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  • A Smart Enterprise Transformation Accelerates Business

    Case Studies // Dec 2015 // provided by Cisco

    KPIT Technologies undergoes a digital transformation, modernizing its infrastructure and application environment for better agility. Their challenges are to provide more on-demand service to developers, identify and respond to issues faster and increase agility across all aspects of IT. They chose Cisco to overcome these challenges. They have implemented Cisco ...

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  • Perfect Chemistry of People, Space, and Study

    Case Studies // Nov 2015 // provided by Cisco

    Bergen University College is a Norwegian public institution of higher education, established in August 1994. Their challenges are to do more with less real estate and optimize productivity for faculty and students. They chose Cisco to overcome these challenges. They have implemented Cisco CMX providing fast, reliable Wi-Fi with location ...

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