From servers to storage and networking, virtualization is the technology that drives efficiency and convergence. Go behind the hypervisor hype and discover actionable advice and expertise here.

  • Five counterintuitive Mistakes made by Companies going Digital

    White Papers // Dec 2017 // provided by Box

    Companies today know they must embrace digital or face being obsolete. But digital is not just about writing an app — it’s about rewriting your company and changing the way you work. To accomplish this, business leaders tend to make decisions that seem perfectly rational. While these ...

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  • Making Sense of the Shared Responsibility Model

    White Papers // Nov 2017 // provided by Oracle

    This white paper examines the root cause behind the confusion, some unfortunate scenarios that resulted from the confusion, and how some enterprises are successfully addressing and embracing the shared responsibility model.

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  • Confessions of a Finance Manager: Spreadsheet Nightmares

    White Papers // Nov 2017 // provided by Oracle

    Spreadsheets cause all kinds of problems, giving finance managers everywhere nightmares. This report concludes the common issues with spreadsheet from three finance managers and compiled it into 7 things they hate about spreadsheets. Discovers how the cloud simplifies spreadsheets, eliminating the errors while speeding up processes and enabling your business ...

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  • A Look at Procurement from a Strategic Perspective

    White Papers // Nov 2017 // provided by Oracle

    Growth and expansion demand a well-executed procurement function. Procurement is crucial for business and having an impact not just on costs but on the company’s forecasting, planning, and strategic initiatives. This eBook will discovers how procurement transformation can help you shape overall business strategy.

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  • From Theory to Action

    White Papers // Nov 2017 // provided by Oracle

    Technology is changing the way organizations are interacting with their customers, and the same is happening with the way organizations are managing experiences internally as well. This isn’t just another think piece theorizing about what keeps employees engaged. This is a whole new way of visualizing and understanding engagement, ...

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  • How digital security enables the journey to the cloud

    White Papers // Nov 2017 // provided by Oracle

    This report shares the findings of research into the attitudes of security professionals and looks at how security, as an integral element of cloud technology, can become an enabler of transformation. Businesses must transform and adopt new technologies to make them faster and more reactive, but they must do so ...

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  • Whitepaper - Hiding in Plain Sight

    White Papers // Nov 2017 // provided by Oracle

    Many of the controls put in place to mitigate cloud security threats fail to protect the enterprise against a user with valid credentials. This white paper examines how cloud access security brokers (CASBs) with user behavior analytics (UBA) can combat insider threats.

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  • Ebook - Better Security with Oracle Cloud

    White Papers // Nov 2017 // provided by Oracle

    Find out why millions of users rely on advanced and complete cloud services to transform fundamental business processes more quickly and confidently than ever before.

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  • E-book - Making the Case for a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

    White Papers // Nov 2017 // provided by Oracle

    According to Gartner, by 2020, 85% of large enterprises will use a cloud access security broker solution for their cloud services, which is up from fewer than 5% in 2015.This white paper helps build a business case by highlighting the cost considerations and payback of a CASB. It demonstrates that ...

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  • As-a-Service: The Ultimate Guide

    White Papers // Nov 2017 // provided by ConnectWise

    Navigating change is challenging, but it's a little easier when you have a guide. The new Ultimate Guide to As-a-Service is your trusted source for reaching your definition of success. Gain the knowledge you need to introduce new practice areas, like cloud services; build a marketing strategy that will win ...

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